“We as women must learn how to heal & take care of ourselves individually, before we can make any significant accomplishments in our families, communities, cultures, and the world itself. We must educate ourselves on how to intentionally & intuitively program our daily actions, thoughts & beliefs to be conducive to the attainment of our goals & desires. We must take responsibility for our health & wellbeing, & all this starts with a holistic re-education of how the body, mind & spirit operate, and how to keep this beautiful work of the creator in optimal condition, in order to truly create the reality in which we seek.It is our mission to assist women in achieving overall wellness.”

- Angela Elizabeth Owner/ CEO,
GoddessBody Inc.

About the Academy

Our Purpose Lies in our Passion.

The Goddess Academy is a woman's holistic Haven. We will teach you herbology, plant science, how to manifest your best life and live wealthy, healthy and abundantly. We offer courses and classes in all holistic modalities. From mental metaphysics to aligning the chakras. From becoming a Reiki practitioner to a holistic health guru. You've come to the right place to learn all things Holistic Health. We also offer certifications to become holistic health consultants. We even do mentorships that will mentor you on how to build your own natural product business or holistic health care services and scale them from making four to five figures to even six to seven figures doing what you love. We are the change we wish to see in the world and it is my passion and purpose to pass the baton and help you not only to heal but to help others in the healing process while affecting the world.

About The Founder

Peace & Blessings Family! My name is Angela Elizabeth Baker, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Biologist, Herbalist, Astrology Enthusiast, & Educator of the Holistic Sciences. I’m also a mommy, a wifey, and a force in raising awareness and spawning positive actions towards bringing a harmonious holistic lifestyle to humanity, focusing on women first and foremost.
I didn’t initially set out on a journey to become a holistic health professional, herbalist, or holistic anything for that matter. I actually wanted to go to college and become a Doctor… but not the kind that you see for checkups, surgeries, illness etc. More specifically a Forensic Pathologist i.e. Medical Examiner, you know the physicians in charge of examining the dead and how they died (quite the 180 “about face” from examining dead bodies to teaching and providing tools/products for healthy longevity).

That being said, from as young as I remember, pretty much from the onset of my cycle at 12 years old, I was plagued with extremely painful menses. As I got older, they only seemed to get worse to the point where I would easily consume an entire bottle of midol or advil within the week of my cycle. By the time I was 17, I was wheeled out on a wheelchair during senior finals because I could barely move due to the pain. Soon after, during my freshman year in college I started experiencing reoccurring vaginal cysts and other internal feminine health & hormonal issues, kidney dysfunction, anxiety / depression etc. At 19 I was told I would likely NOT be able to have children & that a hysterectomy would alleviate these issues, after repeated drainage for
Bartholin’s cyst & adhesions, surgery, and STILL experiencing re-occurring growths etc.

Through a GOD sent turn of events, my day 1 homies (I love you Jenny & BJ) introduced me to natural options for healing. I became a client & later a student, under direct tutelage of the late great Dr. Llaila O. Afrika (& a few other notable holistic health experts later on). I learned through EXPERIENCE, PRACTICE & THEORY how to utilize NATURAL plantbased medicinals, holistic nutrition, detox, meditation & spiritual /energetic methods to allow my body to heal itself and in others!! Finally in under 2 years of walking this walk, I was FREE of all the physical ailments that once plagued my body!!

In 2005, around age 22, I graduated Virginia Commonwealth University with my bachelors in forensics/criminal justice & minor in biology! After a few more years of study & practice, I became certified as an holistic health practitioner & advanced wellness practitioner under Dr. Llaila Afrika 's tutelage. I then worked part-time servicing clientele (doing holistic health assessments) & creating my holistic product line, while also accruing more technical knowledge of the sciences working full-time in various biological labs, scientific research, & teaching undergraduate biology until going back to college and graduating May 2014 with my Masters in Biology!! During that timeframe I had birthed GoddessBody Inc (2011), and also gave birth to 5 beautiful children! I am a product of the formulations & holistic lifestyle I have created! Now it's time for me give back all the knowledge of holistic health, & building and scaling a successful business. I not only healed, but created a lifestyle where I have no longer have to work for anybody, and do what I love day in and day out! I successfully created & scaled my business to 6+ figures! It's all a part of my path to abundance in all forms. And it's all what I want to share and teach YOU here at the Goddess Academy. Not only how to heal holistically, but how to thrive abundantly!

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