Goddess Academy Course Launch Calendar

Goddess Academy Course Launch Calendar

I am super excited about all the courses we will be rolling out over the next year! Here is our course launch calendar. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to stay updated for new course registration openings!

Goddess Academy Courses:


Why we should go back and fetch ancient & ancestral resources for holistic and spiritual knowledge, while giving reverence & respect for master teachers and those we laid the path before us.


As as within so without. Part I of this course explores the attainment of optimal functioning of the human body utilizing a holistic approach to anatomy, cell biology & genetics. In part II, we focus on holistic dis-ease prevention and how to master optimal functioning of our minds, emotions, & environments.

MENTAL METAPHYSICS (Holistic Biochemistry)

Learn how energy (emotions, thoughts, vibrational frequencies, etc.) play a role in every facet of our health & well- being. Learn the basic biochemistry & physics of energy in the human body and how it can be used to create dis-ease, create health, and/or create agelessness & ultimate create your reality.

PLANT SCIENCE (101 & 102)

Learn the history & practical usage of holistic plant based medicinals, from ancient to current. In part I you will be able to understand basic botany, how plants function, herbology and plants usage for healing. In part II we delve into holistic plant based nutrition, natural beautification, & spiritual elevation through plants.


Learn the basic holistic tenants of fasting, detoxing and cleansing the body, mind & spirit. Learn the best ways to fast or cleanse for specific results. Learn about the many different types of fasting methodologies from the best herbs, foods or liquids, plant based supplements, & types of water for the most optimal results. Learn what happens holistically during a fast or detox experience and how best to choose which experience is best for you.


Learn the best ways to apply holistic modalities such as meditation, breathwork, mantras/yantras , reiki, feng shui, gemstones and various healing arts that focus on shifting one’s energetic space to attract their best possible outcome. You will learn about effective methods pertaining to the science & art of channelling energy from the environment, or within oneself, for the purposes of healing, strength & protection.


This course delves into the magic of water, from the biochemistry to the metaphysics of water, and how to utilize baths in combination with various plants, minerals, oils, etc. to cleanse our bodies holistically. You will learn the best tools to utilize in a spiritual bath for detox and beautification, healing and protection, magic and manifesting. We will discuss the best times according to astrology, to curate spiritual baths to help make manifest your divine will and cleanse and purify your body in physical, energetic & spiritual levels.


A beginners level astrology course where we cover the basics of astrological and
astronomical concepts such as the allegorical ancient & current meanings and key
functions of the planets, houses, signs, and other cosmic phenomenon. We will delve into the cosmos holistic effect on our physical bodies, our subtle bodies/energies & our purpose in life.

GODDESS GOALS 28 Day Holistic Manifestation System

Learn this Scientific & Spiritually driven 8 phase manifestation system to bring about a sexy, healthy, wealthy, & abundant lifestyle.

You will learn HOW TO practically utilize holistic tools such as crystals, mantras, nutrition/detox, meditation, affirmations, spiritual baths, candles, herbs, plants etc. In an easy, systemized step by step fashion, IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE MOON phases and other best astrological time frames to implement your tools.

This way you’ll be doing the right thing at the right time at all times & become literally magnetized into manifesting the heaven on earth you are yearning to create!



Learn the 8 keys to holistically nurturing the feminine second brain, the womb. Join us as we delve into topics such as effectively clearing and balancing the root & sacral chakras and how these energy centers serve as gauges for the holistic health of women’s bodies. We’ll discuss proper holistic feminine hygiene, vaginal anatomy and wellness, and healing & heightening sexual experiences.


Teaches women the holistic health significance of gemstones, jewelry symbolism, various bodily adornments, makeup, colors and wardrobe, artwork etc. that create optimal balanced feminine energy, healing energy, and allows you to become a magnet to channel an energy of abundance all day every day!

Women will learn how to incorporate science, spirit, & energy in all facets of your beauty regimen (from makeup/jewelry and accessories/ wardrobe/hygiene/ self-care etc.)


This 28 Day program uses the framework of the Goddess Goals course to teach and guide you through every step of the Goddess Goal Getter™ 6-Figure Business Accelerator Curriculum!

Learn my tried and true holistic health & natural wellness business building process and/or how to scale your current holistic brand to a 6-7 figure brand.

Over the next 28days You'll learn directly from me on how to form your business, website building, digital & physical marketing, digital & physical product/service development, legal processes, time & system management, scaling in production /marketing /operations & more!

Mentorship also includes coaching calls 2X per week and Q&A sessions.


Everything done for you!!! This 90 day program, includes everything in the 28 day Goddess Goal Getter™ 6-Figure Business Accelerator/ mentorship. However your product/services/website/ marketing strategies are created FOR YOU!

We will create (or upgrade) the following FOR YOU:
-high converting website
-sales page (funnel) to maximize sales
-3 products or services (must pick product or service tract)
-trademark business name
-Email templates & strategy
-Social media templates for Instagram &tiktok & posting strategy
-90 days of social media content/post
-graphic design so your entire brand is cohesive
-marketing automations
-also includes a Live in person Mastermind event